Our money, our jobs, our future: our lives


Join Call 1

Jun 30, 2020 8AM GMT


Join Call 2

Jun 30, 2020 3PM GMT



On the 18th of July, those who control the budgets of the world’s 20 wealthiest countries will meet to discuss how they will spend trillions in public money on economic recovery and stimulus packages following the worldwide impact of COVID-19.

Find out more about what we should expect from the G20 and how we can unleash a global wave of mobilizations to ensure a more just recovery & join forces with other mobilizations, especially the ongoing protests against police violence and systemic racism.

We see the deep roots of the problems that connect us, and the values that unite us. World leaders have failed us, on climate action, on fighting the pandemic, as well as on defending black lives. It’s time we come together as never before to take action

2020 and 2021 is when competing visions for the future of our planet will come to a head, and our job is to step boldly into this fight. We can’t let them decide on our future and return to business as usual. We can’t let corporate lobbyists dictate the direction behind closed doors. This is about our money, our jobs, our future – our lives. We demand justice.

Hear inspiring stories and amazing action ideas from activists coming together from across the climate, development, labour, youth, health and racial justice movements from around the world, including International Trade Union Congress leader Sharan Burrow, CAN-International Executive Director Tasneem Essop, 350.org Executive Director May Boeve, Ugandan youth climate striker Hilda Nakabuye, Asian Peoples’ Movement for Debt and Development head Lidy Nacpil, and 350’s North America Director Tamara Toles O’Laughlin.

We are hosting these webinars together with Action for Sustainable Development, and their 12 point plan to demand a better future for people and planet.