How did your Global Climate March action go?

We want to know about your local Global Climate March action — what was the best part of your event? How many people attended? Did you take a great photo or shoot an awesome video? Tell us a bit about your action, and send in your materials so that we can share them with the world.


Submit your photos

Send your photo to [email protected] using these instructions:

  • Attach ONLY 1 photo per email to [email protected]
  • Choose a MAXIMUM OF 5 of the best images from an event to email in. If you choose five, you’ll be sending five separate emails.
  • Write the city and country in the subject-line of your email.
  • In the body of your email, write a compelling one-sentence description of your event and what is happening in the photo.
  • Include any photographer credits in the e-mail body as well.

And check out our guide on how to take a good photo here.

Submit your videos

Here’s how to submit videos to

1) Create a highlight reel

  • This should include only the very best shots from your event — aim for five minutes or less.
  • Types of shots that are most useful are:
    • wide-angle shots that show the full scope of the event
    • medium shots that show action, chanting, signs, marching, etc.
    • close-up portrait shots that show the faces of the movement
    • any powerful audio: quotes from speeches, cheers, chants, etc.

2) Export your file

  • We can handle multiple file formats, but your footage will ideally be transcoded be of high resolution — 720P or higher.
  • Name the file with “City, Country – Global Climate March – Videographer Name.” For example, “London, United Kingdom – Laura”

3) Submit Your Videos to the Dropbox

Upload videos to Dropbox 

If you have already uploaded an edited video to a video-sharing website like YouTube or Vimeo, please do send a direct link to your video to [email protected]



All submitted photos, videos, and action report content may be reproduced under Creative Commons Zero License. 

Share on Social Media

We also want you to share what happens at your march on social media. We want the friends and families of everyone who participates to see what a great event it was.

Share on Twitter, Instagram or Vine and make sure you use #ClimateMarch

(Facebook is good too, just make sure your post is pubic and also use the hashtag)

If you post a video on YouTube, tag it with ClimateMarch.

We’ll be compiling social media posts from all over the world, so you’ll be able to see what everyone else is sharing!


Tell us about your action

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