The next round of United Nations Climate Meetings begin in Cancun, Mexico tomorrow. The outlook isn't promising: despite a year of climate disasters — fires in Russia, floods in Pakistan, and more — and public mobilizations — 350 EARTH only being one of the latest — world leaders continue to drag their feet. 

And yet, we know that at the same time, a wildly creative and beautiful movement is building around the world. Take a look at some of this raw footage from 350 EARTH events around the world. will be at the UN Climate Meetings for a few key reasons: 

First, we'll continue to support the most vulnerable countries, scientists, and citizens who are pushing for a treaty that reduces carbon dioxide below 350 parts per million, the safe upper limit in our atmosphere.

Second, we'll be bringing new voices to the meetings by supporting a team of young organizers from across the planet to come to the talks and  by delivering your photographs, videos, and stories directly to negotiators. 

And third, we'll be doing our best to open up the doors of the meetings to the outside world by sharing updates via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, the press, and more. 

But while much of our attention will be focused on the climate negotiations over the next two weeks, we'll be keeping an eye on the cities, towns, and neighborhoods where we know the real action is taking place. If 350 EARTH has taught us anything, it's taught us that creative climate solutions are everywhere, from the townships of South Africa to the glaciers of Iceland, we're beginning to solve this crisis. Now, it's time for our politicians to catch up. 

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