Moving Planet Action Update from London, UK: 

Dear friends,

Today has been no ordinary Sunday, as we're only a week away from what is going to be a magnificent global day of action this coming Saturday 24th September.

Diana, Simon and I have been spending the weekend, gearing up to make our aerial photograph of London's Biggest Bicycle the most beautiful and fun it can be.  It means that we've been flyering at festivals, emailing friends to join us, and most excitingly, we've been PAINTING!


Our big banner 'Moving Without Oil' is going to be part of the image that hundreds of us, with and without our bikes will make together.  We'll be part of the thousands of actions happening globally – some of them already underway – our friends in Indonesia have already started on the 350-hour bike ride that will carry them across much of the nation, and in India the Naya Swara Yatra (New Independence Journey) bike team has left Nagpur bound for Mumbai with their message, “it’s time to move past fossil fuels”.
And here’s the point of it all: if we’re going to win this global fight against the climate crisis causing daily devastation to people, we need a global movement. If you take part here in London, millions of others will be doing the same thing: on different continents, in different languages, but with the same idea in their minds and hearts. We’re building local power and global power at the same time.
So: don’t just sign yourself up. Make sure everyone you know knows about it too.
You can spread the word on Facebook and Twitter (#movingplanetlondon), or even forward this message through your email account.

We can't wait to see you on the 24th!

Emma and the in London

P.S. In case you are in London and missed the key details…

>    When: 12 noon – 3pm
>    Where: Haggerston Park, nearest Tube station is Hoxton
>    What: Huge aerial art image of London's biggest bike

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