Pardon the semi-commercial interruption, but something quite fantastic just caught our eye: a glimpse of in the new book by Frances Moore Lappé.

Yes, that Frances Moore Lappé–author of Diet For a Small Planet, "the book that started a revolution in the way Americans eat."

Now, Lappé's got her eye on a question at the crux of our planets many crises: "Why are we as societies creating a world that we as individuals abhor?" In her courageous and inimitable voice, she spends much of the book unpacking some of the most compelling answers to that meaty question–and exploring solutions that will help us create a much different world.

It's an honor to have featured in the book–indeed, last year's day of action (with 5200+ events in 181 countries) is cited as evidence that "The power of citizen networking is just beginning to be felt."  We agree, and think we're going to demonstrate that power again on 10/10/10.

But here's the thing: most people won't be able to read about 350's work–and all the other amazing examples Lappé cites–if this book isn't on bookstore shelves–and right now, it's not. Unfortunately, many bookstores won't carry it until they know that buyers are interested. There's a good chance that your local bookstore doesn't have it yet. Which is why Frances is asking her friends for help.

She's asking for two quick and easy things: 1) call your local bookstore and request the book–you can find out how here.  2) Follow her on Twitter and fan her on Facebook.  You can also send out this customized tweet.

Supporting the book won't solve climate change–but it may well spread awareness and inspiration to people who will be a big help as we seek to create a world that "we as individuals" cherish, rather than abhor.

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