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A thousand students from Rizal High School, in Pasig City, Philippines form a human banner that reads: “Act for our Future,” to call for a strong and fair global climate agreement ahead of the international climate talks in Paris


On the eve of the climate summit, hundreds of thousands of people will be joining over 2000 events taking place in more than 150 countries. People worldwide are coming together to protect our common home.

Here are some highlights of events happening globally:


Across The Philippines, over 20 events, marches, and rallies are planned. In Manila, 20,000 people are expected to converge in Quezon City as part of a broad march with groups representing climate-impacted communities, faith organization, youth, labor, anti-coal and renewable energy.

More than 60 distributed events are planned across China with students coming together for a series of events including round table discussions, bike rides, screenings and more. Nepal is also hosting a beautiful march.

In Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul hundreds are taking to the streets to demand a just transition to 100% renewable energy. In Vietnam a big climate music festival is planned, bringing together more than 1500 youth.

In Japan, major actions will happen in both Kyoto and Tokyo. Each march will feature several live performances, as well as a mass photo action where people will come together as individuals to form one collective image.


Across the United States, marches will take place around the country — from Los Angeles to Austin, to Washington, DC up to New York City, thousands will gather in creative, art-filled actions in the name of climate justice.

In Ottawa more than 10,000 will be marching for climate solutions and justice, while in Vancouver indigenous leaders will be heading a march joining the global call for climate action.


More than 5,000 cyclists will be taking over the center of Mexico City with marches also planned in Bogota, Sâo PauloLima and La Paz.


A number of events will be taking place across the Pacific Islands. Climate marches are planned in Fiji, the Marshall Island and Kiribati, while in Papua New Guinea islanders will mobilise to send an urgent message to world leaders to transition to renewable energy to save their homes and humanity.


Australians will kick off the People’s Climate March across the world, with many thousands gathering in capital cities across the country including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart and Perth, as well as Melbourne and Sydney. The marches will be colourful, family friendly events, and will be attended by a diverse range of Australians, including firefighters, faith communities, unions and workers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Pacific Islanders, farmers, health professionals, business people, artists and musicians.

In Auckland, New Zealand, thousands of marchers demanding urgent climate action will kick off the first march with a mass participation “Haka,” a traditional Maori war dance.


Events are planned in Egypt’s two largest cities (Cairo and Alexandria) where thousands will be running and cycling to raise awareness on climate impacts and call for urgent climate action.

In a remote corner of northern Tanzania, more than 1,000 Maasai will march for a global deal on renewable energy, through the town of Loliondo, on the edge of the Serengeti National Park, where they’ve faced government land grabs and extreme droughts, severely impacting their livestock.

In Kampala, Uganda a huge march is planned to go through the city. The Pope is visiting the country that same weekend and will receive a letter asking the Vatican to divest emphasising the moral call to divest from fossil fuels and make a just transition towards a world powered by 100% renewable energy.

Hundreds of people in Ethiopia, forced to adapt to severe droughts, will march for a global deal on 100% renewable energy. In Senegal, eight different marches are planned across the country calling for a clean energy revolution.

Despite a brutal conflict in Yemen, people will take to the streets of the capital, Sanaa, to ‘confront climate change’ after the country was recently hit by two major cyclones and faces worsening droughts and extreme temperatures.


London has The People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs planned, including a Fossil Free Bloc. Elsewhere in the United Kingdom, marches in are also planned in Cardiff, Dublin and Edinburgh.

Former miners will march for climate and jobs in Durham, England, once a major mining community.

In Kiev over 1000 people will be marching in the centre of the capital with planned street performances and music with a message to move from fossils and onto renewables.

Thousands will be marching in Amsterdam’s climate parade showcasing how people are already taking the lead in tackling climate change and calling upon world leaders to catch up.

In Paris, where the government has prohibited the climate march from taking place due to security concerns in light of recent attacks in the city, a human chain will now take place from Place de la République to Nation with participants carrying the artistic visuals initially developed for the march.

In Nice, France, hundreds of people hit by major flooding last month will stage a flotilla action in Nice Harbour, calling for leaders in Paris to strike a global clean energy deal.

In Germany, a network of environmental and development groups, and other major movement-building organisations will organise a large march in Berlin for a 100% renewable future and a quick phase-out of coal in Germany

The divestment movement will be out in force worldwide, joining marches in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Melbourne, Wellington and more!

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