Stop the organzing, stop the lobbying, screw back in those old incandescant lightbulbs! We’ve got it all figured out.

So yesterday, I arrived to to the 350 office, and did my usual glance at our mailbox in the office we share with some other allies. Being a primarily web-based campaign, it’s usually empty. But yesterday, there was one lone letter awaiting my arrival – typed up, signed, and everything. Here’s how it began:


If I could catch laughter with a net I would enclose it with this letter. I am laughing right now about how easy it is to reach your goal of reducing the amount of carbon in the air to 350 parts per million. Ha ha ha!”

How to get to 350

Who was this person who was mocking our efforts? I was intrigued – Kevin from New Jersey has it figured out! Click here to learn his secrets, and see just how easy it really is to get to 350. Climate change is no laughing matter, but we humans aren’t built to be serious all of the time. It will depend on our creativity, compassion, and good humor as much as the technologies and policies we can employ to get us through any crisis. Thanks to Kevin for a much-needed laugh!

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