President Obama is on a tour across the southern USA right now promoting his plans for getting the country back to work. The number one program he highlighted? "Cash-for-Caulkers," a $6 billion proposal to provide cash rebates to people who improve the energy efficiency of their homes. That's right: getting America and the world back to work means investing in clean energy programs that save cash and the climate.

“This is not a Democratic idea or a Republican idea,” Obama told his audience. “This is a common-sense approach that will help jump-start job creation while making our economy stronger.”

Here's why I like this proposal: it gives everyday people the incentive they need to get to work tackling the climate crisis from the ground up. We've spent so long waiting for Congress or the United Nations to take action and repeatedly watched our leaders fail to deliver. It's time to show them how it's done.

That last piece is extra important. Incentive programs like "Cash-for-Caulkers" are no substitute for national legislation or international treaties. We need both. If we're going to get back below 350 ppm, we need action on every level, not just the local.

So, as we get to work implementing projects on the local level, let's tell our politicians that it's time for them to get to work at the national. Like, how about passing some legislation now and then? They can come announce their support for a bold climate policy while they help weatherize my apartment!

And as for President Obama, I hope he continues to build up momentum for a bold clean energy policy in the United States. The rest of the world has waited far to long as the US Congress holds the international climate negotiations hostage. While Obama's at it, how about weatherizing the White House and the US Capitol? Personally, I think President Obama would look good with a green hard hat and caulk gun.

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