We’re working with the Peace Poets on a musical video project with 350 calling for a just recovery & just transition. We would love if you took 10 minutes to add your voice! It’d be an honor to co-create powerful music that we need in this moment and moving forward! We want this to be a truly global moment of solidarity and strength – so we’re looking for participants from all over the world. 


What is a Just Recovery and Just Transition?

A just recovery would mean that, as we recover from COVID-19, decision-makers would consider the interrelated crises – notably the climate crisis, which were in place long before COVID-19, and now risk being intensified. It would mean that economic relief goes directly to people, rather than corporations – particularly fossil fuel companies that are responsible for the climate crisis. It would also mean that we build solidarity and community across borders – we do not have to be resilient on our own, but as a united global community sharing solutions and strength.

Please send in your video by Monday, April 27th, 5pm EST


Here’s How to Participate:

Familiarize yourself with the song: listen to the track & look at the lyrics (both attached here.)

We are asking you all to use your phones or computer to record yourself. Here are some tips on how to make sure the recording is the highest possible quality!

  • Audio:
    • You’ll need a phone and another device→  Listen to the track on headphones on one device and record a video of yourself singing along on another. (You will sing along with the track playing on headphones, but the video you create should be just your voice.)
  • Good Lighting!
    •  Natural light is best. Placing yourself near a window is ideal. 
  • Camera Angle
    •  Phone should be either at eye level for the most comfortable and personal feel.
  • Phone Orientation:
    • Please make sure that your phone is horizontal instead of vertical. This will work better for sharing the video across multiple platforms.
  • Other tips
    • Use tripods for steadiness wherever possible. If using a mobile phone or similar device, please keep as steady as possible or ask someone else to hold the phone.
    • Capture a 10/15 seconds portrait shot looking at the camera without singing for the intro or closing.

Here is a video example of what we are inspired by as well as the lyrics to our song below. 

After recording the video, you will send it to our editor via email to [email protected] OR through WeTransfer. The website allows you to send up to 2GB of video for free. Just input our editor’s email.



If our people, are in crisis

This is a promise to keep on striking!

If our climate, is in crisis 

This is a promise to keep on striking!


Through the pain and through the distance

Out our windows we are singing:

Just Recovery and Just Transition!

Just Recovery and Just Transition!


More Tips

This video is a chance for you to bring who you are, where you are, and your creativity to the song. Express yourself through your clothing, signs, and what you show behind you. You can do it with your grandma or your kids. If you want to sing all of the song or parts of it in your own language – that is more than welcome. You can do it out your window. You can bring your own style and movement. Get creative

Don’t worry about sending over a perfect take! We will only be using a small part of what you send and combining with many other people, but it really helps us to have your video of the full song. 

The vocal here is also just a scratch take for you to follow along — feel free to take liberties with the melody and add some harmonies! 

Estamos juntxs,


Frankie & Lu Aya (The Peace Poets)

David Solnit (Art.350.org




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