On Friday, the 10th of February a City Development Strategy for 2017-2021, designed by the Kyiv Green Construction municipal association, was presented at the City Administration in Kyiv. The strategy has a symbolic name «Green. Comfortable. Innovative.» The objective of the strategy is to make Kyiv a comfortable place for all its citizens and visitors, as well as to promote the preservation and development of the unique ecosystem and to ensure the city has an image of a green European capital.
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In his speech, The Director General of the Kyiv Green Construction municipal association Michael Nakonechnuy identified the following priority measures for the implementation of the strategy:
– Increasing the number of green spaces and eco-zones;
– Increasing a number of evergreen trees from 10% to 50%;
– Introduction of the new standards of greening the residential areas;
– Construction of pumping stations and irrigation systems;
– Purchasing the modern technology for the green spaces care;
– Barrier-free space for people with disabilities;
– Security and combating vandalism on the territory of parks and gardens, implementing the cc TVs and eco-police;
– Implementation of alternative energy sources and others.
The strategy is currently under public review and further development. 
For more information, please get in touch with the EECCA regional team.