This is a very special picture, which just arrived from Papua New Guinea–from the community where some of the world’s first climae refugees, driven from the Carteret Islands by rising waters, have resettled. Here’s the report:

Greetings Olgeta (all of you in local pidgin)… A beautiful day dawned here in Tinputz Community, the centre of the regions Climate Action Day in partnership with on 24’th October 2009.

Ursula Rakova, event organiser and director of Tulele Peisa, led the day’s actions which included the planting of mangroves and garden drops for food security, the ringing of the Church Bell 350 times and the formation of 350 by the school children of the community. She then addressed the larger community about the significance of the number 350 in relation to climate change. From there, lunch and live bands and traditional dances, to continue to welcome the Carteret’s Islanders into the Tinputz and build and strengthen the community spirit to support the tough transition facing the worlds first climate change refugees.

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