Word from our friends in the Gulf is, despite continued pressure on BP, Washington, and everyone working on clean-up efforts, the situation is getting worse, not better.

We'll keep working hard to push the Federal Government to respond adequately, but there are many other immediate actions to take.

This Thursday, one way to help out is to attend a fundraiser concert.
65 will take place on July 1–find one here. I think it's a great way to spend a Thursday evening, and I'm scooting over to my local event in San Francisco.

The concerts will benefit Gulf Future, a new collaboration initiated by the good folks at Gulf Coast Fund and Gulf Restoration Network.

Here's what they're asking for:

-We must hold BP accountable for the full cost of this disaster. This includes cleaning up all the oil still being spewed from the well and restoring the marine and coastal environments;
-We must ensure that coastal and fishing communities have the resources to fight for their future;
-We must prevent future calamities by supporting the use of clean and renewable energy, stopping dangerous deep water drilling, and creating effective regulation of the oil industry.

We support these goals, and hope you will too by joining in on Thursday!

Another timely Gulf action we just heard about comes by way of Green for All, who have declared a July 1-7 week of action. To learn more about what they've got cooking, click here.

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