And a note from Joram Mathenge, Coordinator-Kiangure Springs Environment Initiative,


 Hello People,

I take this apportunity to thank all of you who took part in the DOT
campaign world wide.
Here in Central Kenya our event was Fruitful.
We highlighted River Gura , the fastest river in Africa which is under great threat due to
climate change.During the months of February and March before the rains the
river was almost dry due to effects of climate change.Now its full and
causing alot of havoc in the area .
We educated the local farming community about the effects of climate
change and how it translated to their every day lives.
We enjoyed this great event and also recorded a video which we will upload
for the world to see river Gura in its full force.
The farming communities depending on this river are being educated on how
to adapt to climate change and utilise the river sustainably.
We look foward to more events in the future,


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