Here's the note that came with this colorful picture, from Bertie Xavier:

Dear all,
Bina Hill institute and the Annai Secondary is located in rural areas of Guyana,
South America. We have a wealth of Forested land and would wish to preserve and
protect the last bit of remaining forest in an effort to reduce the current CO2
level being at 392 ppm. We do recognise that it is us who have to take on the
responsiblity to fight and advocate for the current level to be reduced. In the
current situation of increasing and emerging natural disasters that is beginnign
to affect almost every part of the globe. People are sufferring, lives are being
lost, people are left homeless, what do we do? do we allow for this to continue?
As we support the 350 movement, the Indigenous people of Guyana and moreso the
youth of today is in full support of this event and hope that we can make a huge
impact on the fight against climate change. We have used the students to be a
part of this by forming themselves by joining hands together which indicates
collectively we can make a huge impact and difference.

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