Volunteers of 350.org Hanoi joined the Climate Impacts Day Vietnam on the
bank of Red River in Hanoi, Vietnam with the journey named Red River – The
Journey of Climate Knowledge. They witnessed the impacts of climate change
on the river. The river is being dry day after day, the land is being
barren and storms are more frequent. The volunteers had a meaningful
journey along the river bank and took many photos that show the happening
of climate change here. They also interview local people and knew that the
changes of climate in recent years made their lives very difficult. Plants
are stunted, water resources are becoming exhausted. The volunteers
provided some information for local people to let them know why they have
to protect their environment and why they have to use natural resources in
an economical way. All of these aims at letting people know that
environment is vital for our life and we have to protect it as our
survival. These photos show the urgent status of impacts climate change on
Red River in particular and Vietnam as well as the world in common. Let
Vietnam raise its voice for survival of our planet. (Photo: 350.org Hanoi,

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