Check out these amazing Autumnal, pumpkin, and Halloween photos taken by people around the world on and around Oct. 24th – calling for 350 in some very creative & enchanting ways. Climate change is scary stuff — and if Halloween can teach us something, it’s to face our fears, and have fun doing so! So, for those that celebrate this holiday, Have a Happy 350 Halloween! 

Some highlights below:

Concerned residents from Berwick, Nova Scotia make their point with 350 pumpkins

Don’t TRICK the climate, TREAT the earth to 350 PPM
Pumpkins carved by Elijah, Bethany, and Matt in Lansing, Michigan, USA
Photo by Matt Flechter

350 Pumpkin Patch
Organizer and Photographer – Erika Gordon

Superhero Robin saves the climate with his 350 pumpkin!
In the photo: Robin McDonald, age 6, of Lebanon NH with a pumpkin his family carved — and discussed — at a community pumpkin carving event in Hanover NH.

Scariest Halloween costume ever! — (Editor’s note — Agreed, Here’s why!)



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