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Sign the Youth4Pacific Declaration on Climate Change

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Have Your Sei at COP26

This year in the lead-up to COP26 Pacific youth have united under the #Youth4Pacific Declaration on Climate Change. As Pacific youth the world over, representing frontline communities, grassroots organizations, youth networks, and Indigenous peoples, with unified support from around the world, we call on our global leaders to respond to the challenge of this time with an intersectional lens prioritizing justice that promotes an inclusive and just world for ourselves, and the future generations to come.
Join us in the lead-up to COP26. Help strengthen and amplify our collective by signing the declaration and add your voice to our call. #HaveYourSei about why you are fighting for the future of our islands.


*In many places in the Pacific, a Sei is a flower worn behind the ear. We chose this because we want to showcase the beauty and resilience of Pacific cultures.

Join the #HaveYourSei 7 Day Challenge

The Global Week of Actions commences from the 29th of October to Saturday the 6th of November.

You can choose to do any or as many of the challenges from the list below.

Week of Actions Challenge
30th Oct
31st Oct
1st Nov
2nd Nov
3rd Nov
4th Nov
5th Nov


Have Your Sei Today

Our Key Messages

Challenge 1 – Make a sign

Make a sign as a poster or a banner, or have a group of friends make a human sign.

Choose from the following messages to create your sign;

  • #HaveYourSei
  • #Youth4Pacific

You can use paper to draw or paint your artwork, or you can create digitally on your smart device, or you can use a meter of fabric or more to paint your message on, or you can create a sign on a large piece of cardboard. Below are examples of how to create a big, bold, and creative sign.



Challenge 2Join the PCW tiktok challenge

Head to @pcwtiktok and check out the #SeiItLoud Tiktok challenge – created by PCW-AKL Team 

(Cred: audio feature of @bretmanrock and music sample by Mr. Nabzy from Kiribati).

A “challenge” format for a video where participants endlessly iterate upon, usually involving a song. 

#SeiItLoud is a fun and creative way to share your culture online. You don’t need to have tiktok, you can simply take a video recording using the audio track, and either posting it on your social media or submitting it to our team to compile and share.


@pcwstiktok##HaveYourSei Challenge Series. Sign&Share the ##Youth4Pacific Declaration on Climate Change -link in Bio. ##Cop26 ##7daychallenge ##MrNabzyBestie♬ Mr Nabzy Kiribati Music – 350 Pacific

Challenge 3Take a selfie with the PCW IG Face filter

Take a selfie using the #HaveYourSei face filter effect which you can find on both Instagram and Facebook.

Share your post on your feed or on your story.





  1. Search ‘Pacific Climate Warriors’ on Instagram, and open their profile.
  2. Tap the icon above their grid that features ‘3 stars’.
  3. Tap on the filter you want to try, and then tap the “Try it” button in the lower left-hand corner.
  4. To use the Instagram filter on your Story, press and hold down the record button in the Instagram Camera, which you can then save and send to all your followers.
  5. To save the filter for yourself, tap the name of the Instagram filter at the bottom of your screen and select “Save Effect”

To locate the filter on your Facebook;

  1. Click on “Create Story”.
  2. Select the ‘Selfie’ function.
  3. Swipe through the filter options at the bottom of your screen and click on ‘Browse Effects’.

Challenge 4Defund Climate Chaos Webinar

On the 2nd of November (FJT)

Sign up to join a virtual Defund Climate Chaos rally;

Updates will be announced on the Pacific Climate Warriors Instagram page.

Challenge 5Make a Sei

The red sei (flower) is a symbol of the beauty and resilience of Pacific people and culture. 

There are many ways to create a flower, for example, you can weave with flax or kikau (native plants), or craft paper.

Have a go at making a sei with materials around your home. You can also write a message on the petals and share photos with it on social media.


Challenge 6Tune into Live Stream

The #Youth4Pacific Declaration is set to be delivered on this day by the Pacific Climate Warriors to the Pacific Leaders at COP26.

Updates will be announced on the Pacific Climate Warriors Instagram page.

Challenge 7Youth Empowerment Day

It’s Youth Empowerment Day and we are asking people to join the COP26 Pacific Resilience Hub, 10:00 am FJT to participate in a workshop facilitated by 350 Pacific.

Updates will be announced on the Pacific Climate Warriors Instagram page.

Join the Conversation #HaveYourSei

Website  Sign the #Youth4Pacific Declaration on Climate Change


Video/Image Record a video using one or all of the following prompts: 

  1. I am fighting for the future of our islands because… 
  2. I’m signing the declaration because…  

Take a Photo with a #HaveYourSei sign:

  1. You can draw the ‘Sei’ flower with the #HaveYourSei 
  2. You can take a picture with a sign that reads;
    1. I am fighting for the future of our islands because… 
    2. I’m signing the declaration because…  
Share Your Photo or Video You can send us your video or photo via email: [email protected] and you can also upload your videos and/or image on your social media pages with the hashtags 



#HaveYourSei Logo You can download our #HaveYourSei logo >>> Here 
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Here are some messages you can use for inspiration on your own posts:

  • The climate crisis puts at risk the preservation of our Pacific islands and cultures. Our Pacific values and traditions that are intrinsic to our being, spurs us to fight for our islands.
  • Over 600 Pacific youth came together to form the Youth4Pacific Declaration on Climate Change. It is our united voice. We demand Global leaders rise up and meet the challenge of the Climate Crisis at this year’s COP26.  
  • We know that real progress on climate requires transformative action that is rooted in our shared values of reciprocity, care, dignity, mutuality, solidarity, and respect for territorial integrity, sacred creative principles, and natural laws akin to that of our Pacific ancestors.
  • In the face of the climate crisis, Pacific islanders are not giving up. We continue to rebuild, recover and extend a helping hand to our communities. We are strong, resilient and we demand climate justice.


You can also #HaveYourSei and share your own story by completing the sentence – “I am fighting for the future of our islands because…” 

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #HaveYourSei and #Youth4Pacific when you post