On Sunday, October 10th, New Zealand (and a few of the Pacific nations) will be the first to catch a glimpse of the sun as it rises over the horizon. And that gives us a great honour, because we get to do the official opening of 10/10/10. So a crowd of us are gathering at 6.30am on Sunday on Wellington's South Coast to celebrate the beginning of this incredible day – it's the 10/10/10 sunrise party.

sites/all/files/dawn_launch_of_global_actions_brooklyn_windmill_wellington.jpgAs the sun rises over the sea and the hills, we'll have a karakia (blessing) from a local kaumatua (elder) to bless the actions that are planned for this day – across 188 countries. And then we'll stand in silence as the sun rises, with the whole world warmly held in our hearts. And to really breathe life into this day, the drumming will begin and we are going to dance like crazy – not just any old dance – this will be the solar-panel boogie!  That's right, humans dressed as solar-panels dancing in (or out) of time to the beat, catching some sweet rays of light on our panels.

And there's nothing I'd rather be doing at 6.30am on Sunday – because this day fills me with hope and joy – in the face of our greatest challenge, climate change. And so our collective task is to make sure that we fill the whole world with hope and joy!

From us all here in New Zealand: thank you a thousand times, it's going to be the best party ever!

I better go practice the solar-panel boogie…

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