Everyone keeps asking me how these days of actions work? How do people find out about them? Well, there are so many answers to that question, but here's a story to highlight one answer. Four weeks out from 10/10/10, Anita, a 350 intern from Italy, came into the Oakland office and contacted all the groups in this random travel book I have called Green Volunteers to tell them about the 10/10/10 global work party. One of the groups she contacted was Global Vision International, which is an organization that works in 30 countries to promote sustainable development, conservation and education.  They partner with local groups and then direct International volunteers to those projects. She got a hold of a man named Steve Gwenin who instantly wrote back and said he was interested. We skyped the next day and he said there were 23 countries where GVI could host events. With four weeks to go the GVI team all over the world sprang into action to produce some very powerful and impactful events. Cool huh?

Check out a few of these photos from GVI events:

Shimoni, Kenya


Copan, Honduras


Pez Maya, Mexico


Ao Luk, Thailand


THANK YOU GVI TEAM! Keep up the great work.

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