This week, a powerful delegation of women leaders from communities affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma occupied Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on Capitol Hill.

While his staff were eager for us to leave, the delegation stayed to share their stories and to demand the Senator acknowledge the role of climate change and the fossil fuel industry in making these storms worse.

Watch and share this powerful video with their message to Senator Mitch McConnell and everyone in D.C. and beyond:

Senator McConnell and every elected official need to understand that for many communities, climate change is not a distant reality – it is something we are living through now – and that 100% renewable energy and no new fossil fuel projects are crucial to our survival and resiliency from climate disasters.

While fossil fuel billionaires profit, low-income communities and people of color here and around the world are bearing the brunt of climate impacts despite having done little to cause the crisis.

The delegation drew a line in the sand as they stood in solidarity with each other and with impacted communities across the Caribbean. They demanded:

  1. 100% renewable energy for all
  2. No new fossil fuel projects
  3. A just and equitable recovery

We will no longer stand by as climate deniers on Capitol Hill endanger our lives and survival. We want our public officials to put people over profits and take back the power from the fossil fuel industry.

This action was a collaboration between The New Florida Majority and Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Service.

If you’re able, please make a donation to support frontline communities in Puerto Rico as they recover from Hurricane Maria.

Here are some more highlights from the #ClimateSilence action:


Here are all the photos from the action and meetings with other Senators:

End #ClimateSilence: Washington D.C.

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