Just got off the line with Clive from Hong Kong – here are his plans for 10/10/10:

On October 10, 2010, 1000 young professionals, university students and
secondary students will join together to make 100 green commitments to
start green projects all over Hong Kong.  Young people will commit to
starting projects like beach clean up's, recycling programs and
climate change education workshops in their communities.  This large
scale youth action program is part of  Youth Envisioning Scheme
(YES) and organized by the Envision Hong Kong.  This summit will be
held at Hong Kong University as part of the Centennial Anniversary
celebration of the University.

The message of this gathering?  Well, as Clive explains it the title
explains it all: i350 Youth Summit: "The 350 is to spread the message
of lowering the carbon emissions to 350ppm and  the word “i” has two
meanings, one in English and one in Mandrin.  The letter “i”
pronounced in English means the word LOVE in Mandarin. It implies our
love and care to our environment.  The letter “i” also represents that
“I” am responsible and should take the self-initiative to protect the

Look out for updates on 10/10/10 from Clive and his crew of organizers
send in pics from the events.

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