“Sunday is the day when families gather together.”
As they say, change starts at home. Over in Italy, one team of local organisers are getting families to do just that.

The people at Newton, an Italian science magazine (named after of course good old Isaac!), are making this Sunday in Milan a fantastic opportunity for parents and kids to get to work on climate change.

In the gardens of the Triennale di Milano, Italian children will be drawing and painting their vision for a better future – a big 350! Meanwhile, the parents are going to be recorded talking about the ways they're acting on climate change. This video is going to be distributed by the magazine to help other Italian families see what they can do, too.

Check out the beautiful crayon-themed poster!



Not only that, but Cristiano, Samantha and others will be giving out lots of goodies – tshirts, stickers, and roll-ups – all with information on how to act on climate change.

So, if you're in Milan, head down to the Triennale di Milano this Sunday with your kids to unleash some fun, creative action.


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