What a feeling! Over the last 10 days the Global Divestment Mobilisation saw thousands of us all across the world take powerful action to help stop the climate crisis.

This beautiful video captures what it was like. It shows the breadth, depth and beauty of our intersecting, international movement, how far we’ve come, and how far we can go together.

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Over the last 10 days we’ve shown that the global divestment movement is stronger and more diverse than ever before. From Brazil to Belgium and Cape Town to Jakarta we demanded that our cities, banks, pension funds, faith groups, universities stand on the right side of history and stop supporting the companies causing the climate crisis.

The Global Divestment Mobilisation is not a beginning or an end: it’s a step on the path to climate justice. It’s a line in the sand showing just how many of us refuse to accept that profit is more important than preventing the climate crisis

With a new injection of energy, creativity and momentum, we’ve spread the #FossilFree campaign’s call for decentralised climate leadership to every continent. We’ve shown there will be no refuge for fossil fuel corporations intent on sucking the planet of every last drop of oil or crumb of coal. We are here to expose them and continue pushing our institutions – both political and financial – to throw their weight behind a better future.

Whether you joined a divestment action or not in the last week, we need you as part of this beautiful and broad movement for climate justice — join us.

Join us in celebrating our strength and resilience — we’re going to need it in the days, months, and years ahead. Watch this video and feel the people power we have on our side to get this done.

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