Today, we’re thrilled to share something huge: this November, young people will step into the streets of Washington, D.C. to call out the crisis of political leadership that so profoundly threatens the next generation.

While climate change ravages our country and weaponized police patrol the streets of criminalized black, brown, and poor communities, our elected officials are plunging us deeper into crisis by failing to put the people first.

At the same time, the movements for climate justice, for black lives, for prison and fossil fuel divestment, and others have taken root and expanded into powerful, organized communities. If we want to see justice served, we need to continue that momentum and build even stronger bonds between our movements.

That’s why on November 9th, hundreds of young people are bringing this message to Washington: Keep fossil fuels in the ground. Protect the lives of black, brown, and poor communities. Reinvest in healthy jobs, renewable energy, and an economy that works for all of us. Let’s get it done.

If that’s a vision you want to be part of, sign up to join the action on November 9th in Washington, D.C.

With one year before the 2016 U.S. presidential election and one month before climate negotiations in Paris, we need political leaders with concrete plans that are in line with the imperatives of justice on race, climate change, and immigration.

We’ve already seen presidential candidates begin to move on key issues in this week’s debate after pressure from groups like BlackLivesMatter, fossil fuel divestment, Occupy, and DREAMers. As the election ramps up, the movement will keep the pressure on to make sure the candidates come with even bigger, bolder talk — and then really walk it.

On November 9th, young people are joining together like never before. A coalition of youth activists, supported by groups including Million Hoodies, Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network, The Reinvest Network, and, have already jumped in to make this day huge.

We’ve seen these youth movements step up to bend the arc of history toward a more just world — organizing mass actions to stop investment in fossil fuels, police brutality and state violence, deportations of undocumented youth, and beyond.

This November, youth can step into their power together and show that the people who want change represent a power too great for politicians to ignore.

The folks leading the action will have more details soon, but for now: circle November 9th on your calendar.

It will take all of us. But together, we can change everything.

In solidarity and hope,

Deirdre, Katie, Sara, and Yong Jung

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