The first ever Global Divestment Day kicks off tomorrow and runs through til Saturday 14 February.   And it seems you’ve already put the fossil fuel industry on the backfoot before we even get started!

Earlier this week we got word that a Big Oil PR company released a, frankly, hilarious cartoon as an attack against Global Divestment Day. You know what that means? We’re really starting to rattle them, so let’s keep pushing until we win

Tomorrow going to be huge — we’re talking epic – with more than 450 events spanning 58 countries on six continents .

As you prepare to attend an event, here are couple of tips and resources to help make Global Divestment Day as incredible as it can be:

Photos & videos galore!

Images are a powerful way to share our message to the world, so take lots of lively pictures of your event. Then, send us your best ones (click here for tips on how to take great event photos) so that we can spread their power. We’ll also be including the best video clips we can find in the Global Divestment Day wrap-up video — click here for instructions on submitting your photos and videos to Fossil Free.  Deadline is end of 14 February to make it into the video.

Tweet & share!


Social media is key these days, so let’s blow up the conversation online. We’re pulling together all the best social media content on this page, so make sure you’re posting and tweeting with the #divest hashtag all day long! You can use the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, or YouTube. Also, remember to change your profile picture to let your friends and family know that you’re supporting Global Divestment Day.

Wear the orange square!

Every movement needs an iconic symbol, something that unites and connects us globally. Ours is the orange square and the color orange more generally. Show you’re part of the growing movement for fossil fuel divestment by wearing at least a little orange square on Global Divestment Day, and reminding other organisers and participants to do the same.

Tomorrow, let’s send our most powerful message yet to make fossil fuels history.  Join us and keep spreading the word.

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