A few weeks ago we sent an email asking concerned folks to come together in their communities for 'Climate Meetups' to plan out a 10/10 event. Since then, hundreds of meetups have taken place, and the reports are starting to come in. This year, star organizer Richard Havyarimana, from Bujumbura, Burundi, is leading a crack team of climate activists in planning 10/10 activities throughout the country. Even though his meetup was small, his vision is large. Here are a few words from the man himself, and a photo from the meetup:

"With the goal of helping Burundians understand that bicycles and public transit reduce greenhouse gas emissions, on 10/10/10 we will organize a tour of Bujumbura on bicycle and public transit. We are excited to join the rest of the world on this Day of Climate Action.
We ask that anybody who is interested in taking part in this year's work give us a hand so we can make this real. 350.org and 350Burundi are here to help coordinate, but the most important roles are those played by local partners. Last year's example can give us hope – if we don't all take part, our vision will only be utopian, not real. The seriousness of the climate issue demands that we all take part."

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