The Maldives has been leading the fight for a sensible climate strategy–here’s part of the Barcelona delegation with the newest fashion accessory!  But the big news is below:

Maldives to host summit for climate vulnerable nations

Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed will host a summit on 9 – 10 November, for developing nations most vulnerable to climate change.

The meeting aims to forge a common position among developing, vulnerable countries, on the contentious issue of financing for climate adaptation and green growth.

“The summit will bring together a diverse, like-minded group of the most climate-vulnerable countries,” Maldivian Environment Minister, Mohamed Aslam, said Tuesday. 

The Maldives has invited developing countries most at risk from the effects of climate change.

“Some of the nations most at risk from rising sea levels, desertification, glacier melt and more extreme weather events associated with climate change have been invited,” added Aslam.

“Climate change threatens every country on Earth. But some nations are at the frontline of this battle. And many developing, frontline states, who do not have resources for adaptation, are most vulnerable.”

Vulnerable, developing nations, who have not significantly contributed to greenhouse gas emissions, stand to suffer most from climate change. 

Intensifying storm surges, water shortages, floods and droughts, loss of land and major displacement of populations threaten to reverse decades of development progress and poverty alleviation.

“Developed countries must shift towards green growth. For developing countries to grow towards a climate sound future, they need technical and financial assistance in both adaptation and green development," Aslam added.

Aslam said he hoped the summit would provide a platform for vulnerable nations – whose voices often go unheard in climate change negotiations – to air their concerns and offer solutions, ahead of the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December and beyond.

The summit will take place at Bandos Island Resort, close to the Maldivian capital, Male’.

Heads of State and ministers from vulnerable countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, Kiribati, Rwanda and Ghana will attend the summit. China, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States will send observers.

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