On Sunday September (should we put date?), 350.org hosted a gathering of Graffiti Writers, Dancers, Drummers, Kite Fliers, in support of the India Beyond Coal Campaign. The event was held on the streets of Khirkee (Hindi word for ‘window’) Extension, New Delhi.

Renowned graffiti Writers Zine and Sam2 created a gigantic mural featuring the campaign slogan and imagery of trees growing from the relics of the coal industry. They were assisted by youth activist BBoy Ashu, who added the ‘350’ logo to the piece. An audience of over 100 Khirkee residents and campaign guests gathered to witness the art in progress, while drummer Ash of Delhi Drummers created a lively soundscape using Bongo, shakers, and other precussions. Rapper ZaN and others joined in, and a local elder lent her spirit through a whirling dance.

Above this crowd, an expert kite maker created kites from recycled newspaper and wooden sticks, and kites were flown by children and adults alike. The event spanned five hours and was enjoyed by the artists, guests, and residents, with a commitment to celebrate the natural beauty of life and challenge society’s dependence on coal.

Art is an essential ingredient of our campaign and as we continue to build the momentum around India Beyond Coal, we are encouraging our friends and organizers around the country to register their own creative action and make that effort to move India beyond coal. 

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