NYC Light Brigade

By Patrick Robbins

October 29th, 2012 was the day Superstorm Sandy swept through our streets.

October 28th 2017, is going to be remembered as the moment people swept through the streets to put an end to New York’s support of the fossil fuel industry.

And last Sunday, on September 24, New Yorkers lit up the skyline with messages of resistance and resilience to start building energy and momentum for the #Sandy5 march. It was the kind of night that reminds you why it’s so important to protect this city – a night of many different people coming together to create something inspiring and beautiful, united by a shared vision.

Watch the film, and share with your social networks.

Some of our favorite photos from the night can be found here.

The Sandy5 march is going to be a turning point for climate action in New York City, and we need you to join us to make it a success. RSVP for the march on the 28th here.

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