This local update comes from local organizer Peter Ladage, who is eager to share his Moving Planet organizing story from Midland, Canada. Enjoy!

sites/all/files/101010_huronia_katetituspeter01.jpgLast year, people wanted a break, and what better break was there than Thanksgiving, with family and good food? The renewable energy folks had just shown Gasland, the water folks were exhausted from organizing and protesting, the ecology community garden was in full swing, and to top it off, we were in the middle of municipal elections.

Thankfully, the Internet provided the means for widespread communication, and got things rolling with its call for a day of global action. So I emailed a friend that this great opportunity shouldn't be missed, and that decades from now our grandchildren will ask, 'What did you do for 10/10/10?'

Uhh, we went dancing?

All it took to get things started was registering the event. Once registered, ideas and energy seemed boundless. Somebody got trees, somebody the plaque, somebody suggested planting at the ecology garden. Three politicians showed up. So did the media.

Build it and they will come. But can we do it again, for Moving Planet? With more fanfare and greater sustain? Especially with an election just around the corner?

The Mayor of Midland last week officially celebrated the completion of the Tay Shore Trail, which links many of our communities by a vehicle-free path. Whether walking, jogging, biking, or in-line skating, the flat, even trail is perfect for commuting to work or going to the grocery store or for taking an early morning or after dinner stroll and talking with your neighbours or just watching the sun set over the bay in silence.

But, what about including other communities, other trails? For example, how could people get to the farmers' markets or to the community gardens, especially from remote areas? How do we show the people and the politicians that there is a viable alternative, a better way?

Photo Credit: Julie Barker

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