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Today, we are launching a new site called “US Chamber of Secrets,” an effort to reveal the corruption and sordid history of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The final installment of Harry Potter is finally here, and anyone who has read the final book knows that it is full of a more sinister good vs. evil plot than many of its predecessors. Instead of shallow villains we get vast conspiracies, inside jobs, corrupted governments, and elected leaders taken over by the forces of evil.

Truth be told, this spooky story has a lot of resemblance to real life.

Our government officials have not been cursed by dark lords and magic like their counterparts in the world of Harry Potter.

In real life, groups like the US Chamber of Commerce use money to charm their way into the offices of our elected leaders. In real life, they use their coffers of cash to intimidate politicians, fund extremist candidates, and run propaganda campaigns telling us that our tax dollars belong in the pockets of corporations.

As spooky as the last installment of Harry Potter might be, the real life story of the US Chamber of Commerce might actually be hiding more sinister secrets than Hogwarts. From fighting against civil rights and clean air to their attempts to dismantle health care and stop action on climate change: The US Chamber is hiding much of its history away.

We invite you to take a moment to dive into the deep, dark, dirty, and sometimes even scary secrets lurking beneath the surface of the US Chamber and it’s ever-present puppet master Tom Donohue.

It’s time to open the US Chambers vault of secrets and share them with the world–but we need you to help make it happen.

Check it out, then tweet it, facebook it, email it: just take a moment to pass this on.

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