Yesterday was a big moment in the fight against tar sands. A judge issued a recommendation to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC), which will decide on the final permits for the Line 3 pipeline this June.

The judge recommended strict conditions under which the agency should consider the project.1 This news puts many hurdles in Enbridge’s way, but we aren’t letting up. Everyday from now till June is a critical time to make our voices heard.

That’s why pipeline fighters and water protectors are joining together for 24 hours of resistance at the Block (Line 3) Party in St. Paul to urge the PUC to deny the Line 3 permits and protect our communities.

The judge laid out 17 conditions that would be necessary for the PUC to approve the project – including a recommendation to require Enbridge to build in the existing Line 3 route, instead of along their preferred route, something the company doesn’t want to do.

The existing pipeline crosses right through the middle of the Leech Lake and Fond Du Lac reservations, as well as other Indigenous treaty territory. Tribal nations have been clear that a new pipeline is not acceptable. Now it’s up to the PUC to respect tribal nations and protect future generations by denying the Line 3 permits.

If you’re in the area, join us on May 18-19 to stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities and show the PUC that Minnesotans don’t want this dirty pipeline.

The fossil fuel industry’s business model is at odds with a stable climate, and we can’t afford to let it continue. Fossil fuel billionaires are the first to profit from climate inaction and last to shoulder the risk. It’s up to us to stop this dirty industry in its tracks.

The facts are undeniable – there is no economic need for Line 3 or the risk it poses to Minnesota. We need a fast and just transition to a fossil free world – that means no new fossil fuel projects that threaten Indigenous lands, water, and the climate.

1 Judge: Need for proposed Enbridge pipeline but should not be built on proposed route – Star Tribune

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