Lots and lots of people here are fasting, and we keep being reminded why. Here’s Apisai Ielemia, prime minister of Tuvalu, speaking from the floor of the plenary, and strongly endorsing 350: “We don’t want to disappear from this earth. We have a fundamental right to exist alongside youselves.” At the end of the political part of his talk, he added this: "We just have to prepare ourselves for the worst. We have no where to run to. We must prepare ourselves individually, family wise, so that they no what to do when a cyclone comes or the hurricane blows. Their is no mountain we can climb up. We just have to face it. And that’s why we’re making noises around the world."

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton, the American Secretary of State, said that in 2020 the world should be giving $100 billion a year in assistance to the poor nations. It wasn’t clear where the money would come from, and it’s clearly designed to buy agreement with an inadequate treaty–still, good to see the right number of zeroes on the table.

We’re about two hours away from a ceremony marking the fast: some activists here have been going without food for 40-odd days, and will be eating again when the conference concludes, so it will be emotional. We’ll send pictures. In the meantime, we hear reports that your calls are flooding switchboards–that’s music to our ears.

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