When we say that there are 10/10/10 events in every corner of the planet, we really mean it! Our team has been corresponding with friends at the Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust about an incredible 10/10/10 event that they are planning. NaDEET, as the organization is known, is located deep in the desert of Namibia. You can get a sense of where they are from this image off a Google Map (they're near the tree).

For 10/10/10, NaDEET will launch their "Less Impact, More Education (L.I.M.E. Green)" initiative to not only make their base and education center carbon-free, but to continue to expand their environmental education programs to adult communities in Namibia.

To achieve their goal, the center will add six more solar panels and educate and encourage their staff of volunteers to continue their energy-saving lifestyles. As they put it in their event description, "10/10/10 will be an historic day for NaDEET's effort to leave less impact on the environment, and more impact on the minds and lifestyles of Namibians for a sustainable future." 

Here's a photo from one of NaDEET's workshops:

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