We push hard on United Nations representatives and institutions to deliver a bold and fair treaty that steers us back below 350 parts per million. We're not there yet, which is one big reason why we're taking the weekend to show our leaders what getting to work on climate change looks like with 7,000 work parties in 188 countries around the world. But we also know that in every meeting where we advocate for stronger targets and fairer policies, there are dedicated people who share our passion working the inside track, helping raise the bar and bring our voices from around the world into the halls and onto the desks of decision-makers. This photo just came into our flickr account with the article below, which was written by UN staff. All the best to our friends 'on the inside'!

Climate change has been and remains a top priority for the United Nations, whether it is for promoting concerted global action, bringing solutions that help people cope with climate impacts, or in finding out the best climate science available. But the UN is more than just its 192 member countries. Its staff members—many of them who care deeply about the climate—are also moving to make a difference on their own.

Led by few motivated people, a grassroots initiative emerged among UN staff to take action on their own and soon, hundreds of staff from different UN Departments based in New York became involved.

Raising awareness while reducing emissions

With the aim of joining the 350 global events on 10/10/10, the organising team arranged a swap of 350 incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs, which uses 75 per cent less energy than a regular incandescent bulb, and lasts up to six times longer. It is expected that this change alone would save around 93 tonnes of CO2 throughout the lifetime of the 350 CFL bulbs.

In order to further limit waste, the incandescent bulbs have been reused to build a big 350 sign that will be displayed for several weeks to build even more staff awareness and support for the need to reduce emissions. Besides, all elements used to build and finalize the panel were all recycled and/or second-hand materials!

Once the ‘artwork’ finalised, most of the participants gathered to take a collective picture (attached) using the sunlight to power their smiles!

Who said that ‘bureaucrats’ don’t act?!

Check www.greeningtheblue.org

Photo Credit: UN/DPI/iSeek/Frederic Fath

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