I just watched Subhashni Raj, 350 organizer in Fiji (but spending the winter in Buffalo, NY!) tell the Moving Planet story here in Panama. She shared all the Pacific photos with the delegates here, as well as telling the broader story about what 350 is all about: building people power around the world. She spoke in no uncertain terms about how dire the situation people face is in the Pacific. Water shortages are already commonplace, and coupled with the impacts of sea level rise, ocean acidification, and the decline of fishing communities, it only stands to make life more difficult.

Her closing words particularly resonated with me. "Look," she said, "if we could build another atmosphere, we would. But we simply can't, so we need the US and others to start acting like they understand we only share one planet. To think the US would consider approving the Keystone pipeline in the face of our climate reality, has no logic."

Here's a short video of her words introducing Moving Planet:


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