Last weekend, five years after Superstorm Sandy flooded New York, 5,000 people flooded the Brooklyn Bridge with art, music, and the power of everyday people standing together to protect our communities.

This powerful march was proof that New Yorkers want bold, effective climate action from their elected officials. As extreme weather tears across the world, our communities and our lives are on the line. New Yorkers sent a clear message to Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo and Senator Schumer: we need you to step up and protect our communities.

Are you ready to push for bold climate action in your town or city? Join climate activists in dozens of cities across the US who are launching Fossil Free Resolution campaigns this Fall. Together, we can fight for a just and equitable transition to a Fossil Free world by stopping new fossil fuel projects and committing to 100% renewable energy for all. The first step is to gather with others in your community and make a plan.

Over 40 Fossil Free house parties are already being planned around the country Nov 11th-19th. Join one near you, or if one doesn’t exist yet, sign up to host your own. We’ll give you all the support, resources, and tools you need to make it happen.

In New York, the fight isn’t over. We’re going to keep pushing in the months to come to divest New York pensions from the billions invested in fossil fuel companies. The march might be over but our transformative work is just beginning.

Superstorm Sandy may have happened along the East Coast 5 years ago but this moment is about the climate crisis we are seeing right now in the US: record breaking storms, floods and fires destroying homes, devastating communities — especially low income communities and communities of color — and even taking lives. It is also about all of us, in every corner of our country, and what we can do in our own cities and towns to turn the tide on this crisis.

You have a role to play in the fight to build a just and equitable world. Together, in small active groups of friends, family, and neighbors across the US, we can create a resounding upswell of public support for the ambitious climate solutions we need.

Are you ready to get to work in your community? Sign up today to join or host a Fossil Free house party in your town or city.

Let’s get started.

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