As we prepare for Climate Impacts Day on May 5, it’s important to remind ourselves of the Maldives, one of the world’s most climate impacted countries. An archipelago of hundreds of islands only a few meters above sea level, the Maldives demonstrates just how fragile our climate system is–the entire country could be uninhabitable in less than a century. The Island President is a powerful film that tells the story of President Mohamed Nasheed, a 350 Messenger and climate champion. Nasheed, who was recently overthown in a bloodless coup, has played a critical role in spreading the number 350, and generating public awareness and action on climate.

Check out the list below to find a screening near you, and click here to download and print a flyer to hand out when you go to the film.

04/26/12 thru 04/28/12 Victoria, BC The Vic Theatre
04/26/12 thru 05/02/12 Panama International Film Festival of Panama
04/27/12 Minneapolis, MN Lagoon Cinema
04/27/12 Detroit, MI Detroit Institute of the Arts
04/27/12 Santa Rosa, CA Summerfield Cinemas
04/27/12 Cincinnati, OH Esquire Theatre
04/29/12 thru 05/03/12 Leuven, Belgium Docville International Documentary Film Festival
05/02/12 Groningen, Netherlands Groninger Forum
05/04/12 Nashville, TN The Belcourt Theatre
05/04/12 Seattle, WA SIFF Cinema
05/04/12 Three Oaks, MI Vickers Theatre
05/09/12 thru 05/15/12 Seoul, Korea Green Film Festival in Seoul
05/11/12 Houston, TX Sundance Cinemas
05/11/12 thru 05/20/12 Warsaw, Poland Planete+Doc Film Festival
05/18/12 Riga, Latvia Riga Freedom Film Festival
05/18/12 Hilo, HI Palace Theatre
05/19/12 Columbus, OH Wexner Center for the Arts
05/22/12 Ann Arbor, MI Michigan Theater
05/27/12 thru 06/16/12 Multi City, Australia Human Rights Arts & Film Festival
06/01/12 Newburyport, MA Newburyport Screening Room
06/04/12 Stuart, FL Lyric Theatre
06/08/12 Madison, WI Sundance Cinemas


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