Dear Friends,
Look what you did this past weekend:

Today in Copenhagen, President Nasheed of the Maldives gave a great speech. He said "my message to you is to continue the protests…continue despite the odds." He was talking to our collective movement, about your role in it–and he offered his advance thanks for your future leadership.

It’s been a wild day here inside the Bella Center–the tension and the drama are ratcheting up almost by the hour. The "350 language" has been in and out of the draft text of the agreement half a dozen times, and our allies are doing their best to keep it in. You should have seen President Nasheed this afternoon making the case in front of an auditorium packed with members of the global media.

As the policy coordinator for, I spend most of my time lobbying–waiting in the hallways for meetings to end so I can speak to delegates and ministers as they walk to their next session. And what I hear, over and over again, is "You’ve changed the mood of the meeting." The relentless case you’ve made for the science of 350 has been extraordinarily effective–and it got a remarkable boost over the weekend from the thousands of vigils around the world.

Be sure to check out the video so you can see how this past weekend’s efforts were echoed around the globe:

We apologize for bombarding you with emails. But we’re going to send another one in the next 24 hours, summoning you to action one more time. 

To be honest, the plans are still evolving–and we want to wait for just the right moment to mobilize in the hopes of having maximum effect on these talks. Thank you so much for your continued dedication, and for having already having driven this process far beyond what most people thought possible.


May Boeve, for the entire Team

P.S. I’m pretty sure your friends, family, and co-workers will like this video too–even if they didn’t take part last weekend.  It just takes 15 seconds–just click the links to spread the video on Twitter and Facebook.




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