As New Yorkers, we have always had so much to be proud of and this past week is no different. Hundreds of New Yorkers joined a global wave of divestment action that took place in over 45 countries around the world.

These past 10 days of action have shown that here in New York, the movement for climate justice is stronger and more diverse than ever before. The message we’re sending is loud and clear — New Yorkers are serious about cutting ties with fossil fuel companies wreaking havoc on our communities. 

We kicked off the week of divestment events with a press conference and lobby day in Albany where dozens of citizens called on the State Legislature to divest the State pension fund from fossil fuels.


The lobby day helped secure 3 more co-sponsors of the divestment bill which would require the New York State pension representing to divest $175 billion in holdings from fossil fuels.

The very next morning, New Yorkers took over Trump Tower and called on the city to stand with the people, not Trump’s cabinet of climate deniers.

Under tight security, organizers brought 150+ people onto the Public Plaza of Trump Tower to host a Teach-In and Rally on Divestment. Rev. Billy and his Choir from the Church of Stop Shopping opened up the rally with some climate change gospel followed by inspiring words from leaders in the climate justice movement including our own May Boeve from 



Rev. Billy and his Choir from the Church of Stop Shopping taking Trump Tower to #DivestNY



May Boeve of telling the crowd how she knows that NY > Fossil Fuels.


In the Terrace of Trump Tower, we asked Comptroller Scott Stringer an important question —  is he on the side of Trump and his fossil fuel cronies or is he on the side of the people of New York calling for divestment?  

Half-way through the week of action business and finance leaders convened to host a panel on divestment and reinvestment. These business leaders added the voice to the growing number of New York institutions that are moving away from risky coal, oil and gas companies.

We rounded out the week of action with the Climate, Jobs, Justice accountability forum where frontline community members, labor union members, workers, students and community organizers held a people’s interview of New York City most powerful politicians including Comptroller Scott Stringer and Public Advocate Tish James. Over 600 New Yorkers gathered to ask these elected officials the tough questions regarding their commitment to climate, jobs, and justice for all New Yorkers. Though he heard us loud and clear Comptroller Stringer remained steadfast in his opposition to full fossil fuel divestment.

If you’re like me you’re asking yourself – what’s next? What does this all mean?

As we witness major environmental rollbacks on the federal level, New Yorkers must be more steadfast than ever before. We know what needs to be done — our local officials need to take real leadership to stop the climate crisis and that starts with divesting from fossil fuels.  

Being a part of the divestment action this week has been so inspiring, and I truly believe that we’re so close to breaking New York’s ties to the fossil fuel industry. 

But we haven’t won yet. It’s going to take New Yorkers like you and me making noise every chance we get. If you haven’t yet please sign your name to push Comptroller Stringer to divest from fossil fuels and if you’re ready to take the next level of action click here to give Comptroller Stringer a call and let him know you support divestment from fossil fuels.

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