We've spent a lot of time in the past 50 days covering the BP oil spill that's devastating the U.S. Coastline. However, the impacts of dirty energy aren't just felt in the United States, but around the world. For example, John Vidal recently published a story on oil spills in Nigeria in the Guardian, writing "Nigeria's agony drawfs the Gulf Oil Spill. The US and Europe ignore it."

350.org is privileged to work with many people on the frontlines of the climate crisis, including in Nigeria. Here at the UN Climate Talks in Bonn, I've gotten to know Zaid Shopeju of Nigeria's Youth Vision Alliance Network that's working to build the climate movement in his country and across Africa. In this video, our friends at OneClimate talk with Zaid about oil spills, climate, and how youth are taking action:

To learn more about Big Oil's long, dirty history in Nigeria, check out Justice in Nigeria Now or this website remembering the life of activist and commuity leader Ken Saro Wiwa. The True Cost of Chevron is another site documenting the exploitation of local people by oil companies.

Together, we can chart a new course for our countries by getting to work on climate solutions. On 10/10/10 there will be thousands of Global Work Parties around the world to celebrate a clean energy future. Zaid and others in Nigeria are already planning events — are you?

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