The Transcanada Keystone XL pipeline, if approved, will not just be a disaster for Canada and the United States but to the entire world. At a time when global greenhouse gas emissions rose by record amounts, constructing this pipeline and burning tar sands oil is plain foolish.  Here is one image from our Moving Planet archives in Pakistan. 

The world will not easily forget the disastrous floods of 2010 that Pakistan witnessed. About a fifth of the entire country was under water affecting 20 million people.  Many now attribute it to the dangerous consequences of climate change and our excessive burning of fossil fuels. 

We now have a clear choice in front of us. Allow the burning of tar sands oil and put to risk the lives of millions of people around the world or reject the pipeline and instead set the world onto a renewable energy course. The choice is simple but it will take great courage and conviction to fight off vested interests and leave a better world for our next generations. And that is why we support the movement in the U.S. and around the world against the pipeline.                 


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