What disappointing news today, with the Obama administration and other world leaders announcing that they weren’t going to make substantive progress in Copenhagen, that there will likely be no legally binding treaty at the end of December’s UN climate talks.

It’s too bad that citizens all over the planet are so far in advance of their leaders, but it makes it very clear that we will need to keep growing our movements quickly–nothing else can counterbalance the power of the vested interests that have so far been able to delay action.

The next good chance will come on the weekend of Dec. 12, when there will be candlelight vigils and rallies around the world. Many will take place at American embassies and consulates, because we continue to believe–perhaps against the evidence–that the Obama administration will rise to the occasion and really lead in finding solutions to the crisis that it more than any other nation has caused. More on this soon–for now, clear out that weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and we’ll do our best to keep you posted as plans shape up.


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