State authorities in Nebraska just issued a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline – but along a different path than the original route TransCanada wanted. We’re still determining exactly what this re-route means, but we know one thing for sure: this pipeline will not be built.

Trump has tried everything to get this dirty tar sands pipeline built – but this announcement, though complicated, appears to be a setback that creates more hurdles TransCanada will have to jump through – so many that it might be too difficult for the company to move forward.

If they do move forward, they’ll be met with enormous resistance led by Indigenous peoples on the route of the pipeline – and we’re asking you to commit to standing with them. We’re answering the call of our Indigenous allies along the route to continue to oppose this project, and we need you engaged.

Join the Promise to Protect and commit to traveling to the pipeline route to engage in peaceful creative resistance when called upon by frontline leaders.

Together with Indigenous leaders, ranchers, and farmers, we’ll make a series of nonviolent but resolute stands along the proposed pipeline route in opposition to a project that endangers our communities, land, water and climate.

TransCanada said they’ll decide by December whether or not to move forward, and if we can show enough resistance with thousands of people ready to stand up – we’ll perhaps influence this decision.1

Add your name and Promise to Protect the people and water under threat in the path of Keystone XL.

All of us remember the inspiring beauty and power of the Standing Rock encampment a year ago. But we also remember the violent crackdown from authorities and the pipeline company in response. That’s why we will:

  1. Ask everyone to sign up in advance
  2. Require that everyone participate in a training beforehand
  3. Announce that this will be peaceful and nonviolent, at least on our end
  4. Respect the leadership of Indigenous peoples, farmers, and ranchers on the route

Once you sign up, we’ll be working with our Indigenous and frontline partners on the ground to determine the most strategic plan and timeline. We’ll keep you updated about dates and trainings once we know if and when TransCanada moves forward. In the meantime, our partners in Nebraska will use every legal option available to stop the pipeline, and continue to build renewables directly in the route.

We don’t know if we can hold the line on KXL forever, but then again we took on this fight in the summer of 2011 confident we’d lose. We knew we had to fight anyway, and so far we’ve succeeded, keeping 800,000 barrels of earth’s dirtiest oil in the ground day after day, year after year.

This fight has always been bigger than one pipeline. The movement that’s risen since this journey began is stronger than ever – and now every proposed fossil fuel project across the country is being challenged like never before. Now, it will take everyone’s help to stop Keystone, and all the dirty energy projects that threaten our communities and climate.

So on we go–and thank you so much for being part of this big broad movement and this long and beautiful fight for the future.


TransCanada to make final decision on Keystone XL by December – Reuters

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