You can hear the movie preview now: “In a world ravaged by climate change, a hero rises to take on the forces of evil: big polluters intent on wrecking our planet and endangering our communities.” 

No, it’s not another summer movie blockbuster (although I’m just as excited about the new Batman as everyone else). This is the true story of a real-life superhero: Lisa Jackson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Jackson doesn’t always make headlines, but over the last three years she’s been the driving force behind much of the positive work the Obama Administration has done to combat climate change and protect our environment.

Topping the list of accomplishments are the new standards Jackson and the EPA have put into place to limit power plant’s ability to spew toxic chemicals and boatloads of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Naturally, the forces of pollution are fighting back hard. Jackson and her team are under constant attack by Big Polluters, the fossil fuel industry, and their cronies in Congress. 

That’s why is partnering with our friends at the Sierra Student Coaliton to launch “Stand with Lisa,” a chance for thousands of young people around the country to show their support for Lisa Jackson and her work to protect our future. 

There’s another reason we want to “Stand with Lisa.” As you know, has been hard at work pushing the Obama Administration to do more to protect our climate, end fossil fuel subsidies, and stop dangerous projects like the Keystone XL pipeline. And we’re sure that we’ll have disagreements with the EPA down the road, as well — we’ve found government agencies don’t often move as quickly or boldly as we would like. 

By requiring power plants to install widely available, proven pollution control technologies, Lisa Jackson’s new rule would significantly limit harmful pollutants protecting our health, our children, our environment, and even stimulate our economy. Our villains, Big Polluters, are still fighting for their ability to spew tons of toxic chemicals into the air, but thousands of young people Stand with Lisa to save the public from the harmful effects of these chemical pollutants.

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