Now more than ever, we need to stand together to support the water protectors in Standing Rock.

We know that we’ll have to fight with everything we’ve got to stop Trump’s dangerous and reckless agenda in the coming weeks and months — but right now we need to keep the pressure on President Obama to stop Dakota Access immediately, while he still can.

Tomorrow, thousands will gather around the country (and beyond) to demand that President Obama step in and stop the pipeline. You can find and join an action here.

Bulldozers are approaching Standing Rock as I write. But there’s one final permit that needs to be granted in order for the project to move forward, and now is the time to stop it.

The response to this call to action from Indigenous leaders at Standing Rock has been enormous: over 250 actions are planned in 43 states, and events are popping up across the globe too.

These actions will be a powerful moment for people across movements to unite in solidarity with Indigenous peoples in Standing Rock, and lay the groundwork to keep working together under a Trump administration.

This is our best chance to win this fight. Can you join us?


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