I came to Global Power Shift as a new activist of 350.org in Georgia. Since 2009 we started to establish 350 in my home country and I was very inspired with young people who I met in Berlin. After that, I joined a camp in Turkey for Climate leaders organised by 350.org. And after that, I was a participant in Global Powershift. 

I found there many friends, with whom still I continue to do common actions. My organization started to work on the topic of Climate Change and became a member of the Climate Action Network in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. I work closely with 350.org Team in our regions and participated in several COPs. Later, I became the coordinator of Working Group 3 of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Georgian National Platform, which works on topics of energy security, environment and climate change. I am still an activist who participates in many international, national and local processes for environmental protection. After Global March, the city Kutaisi Municipality signed a memorandum with 350.org about 100% Renewable Energy Transition by 2050 and became the first City in the Caucasus Region to do so.

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