By Pat Almonrode, 350 NYC

unnamedDuncan speaks at NYC BirddogScreen Shot 2014-05-20 at 3.45.10 PMNYC says NoKXL

On Wednesday, May 14, President Obama attended a high-dollar fundraiser at a private residence in Manhattan – and was met by more than 100 people (and one polar bear) who made it loud and clear that we won’t let him approve the Keystone XL pipeline. This disastrous project may be dormant for now, but as we all know, it’s not dead yet, and it’s important to keep the pressure on the President to make sure he rejects it, once and for all.

New Yorkers did just that on Wednesday. The rally – spearheaded by, the Center for Biological Diversity, Sane Energy Project, and 350NYC – featured several speakers, lots of energetic chanting, and an appearance by Frostpaw the polar bear.’s own Duncan Meisel was there to fire up the crowd, noting that NYC activists are “among the best at pressuring the President.” Valerie Love, the Center’s No KXL campaigner, reminded everyone of the importance of this fight. Pat Almonrode, of 350NYC, pointed out the link between the KXL fight and fights against other fossil-fuel infrastructure in New York State and beyond. Pat also urged everyone to get involved in the People’s Climate March in NYC in September, at which hundreds of thousands of folks, from all walks of life and from all over the world, will join together to tell our leaders that it’s time to get serious about the climate crisis.

Kudos to 350NYC for pulling together an effective and energizing rally with such short notice, and let’s keep up the pressure whenever the President comes to NYC!

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