And he doesn’t say much. Pretty much repeats the American terms for a deal, which as you know aren’t very good. It didn’t sound like his last speech of the day, though–he’s apparently out negotiating at the moment, trying to convince others to sign on to something!


Here’s what we sent out to reporters as our reaction a few minutes ago: "In the face of leaked UN documents showing that this agreement is a sham, we were hoping for some movement from the President. Instead, his response was take it or leave it. 100 other nations are not making reasonable demands because they want to make the President’s life harder. It’s because they would like their countries to actually survive the century."


Remember–don’t get too hung up on the drama of the day. This is a longterm process, which we’ll make clear later today when we help with a huge torchlit aerial art action that sends a message to our leaders as they jet home overhead.

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