A few weeks ago, I was browsing the latest comments on the 350 Global Facebook Wall and found a most inspiring note. It was from Gene of Minnesota (a midwestern state of the US) who organized his fellow high school students at Cross Winds Arts & Science School for a creative letter writing campaign to President Obama. Check out a photo of the all the letters & a few participating students above.

Gene's action was one of over 5,200 events which took place on Oct 24th 2009 – a round-the-clock day of climate actions all over the world. Their collective letter ended with these powerful words: “we write for change.”

Then, over five months later, Gene got a surprise. Read Gene's original Facebook comment for the full story:

While the change we seek is still on the horizon, Gene's story has really stuck with me and energized my work.

There's something more going on here than getting a letter from a head of state (which must feel great). Gene and his friends shot for the stars, pulled off the biggest action they could, and sound a lot like they're ready to re-enlist. That's what moving stories are made of — and we can't wait to hear about Gene's plans for 2010!

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